Apply for Job

In order to apply for job onboard, please download and complete the form:

C&T  Application Form – .doc format (Word 97-2003)

C&T  Application Form – .docx format

C&T  Application Form – .odt format (OpenOffice/LibreOffice)

for ASM application, use the form below:

and send it to:

Available vacancies are publicated here:

Portal morski

In case of difficulty, please follow the steps:

  1. Download and save the chosen application form to your hard drive.
    To do that, right-click the above icon, choose „Save target as..” and specify the file’s destination.
  2. Open the saved document in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice/LibreOffice, fill in appropriate fields of the application. Save the document after you are finished editing.
  3. Attach the edited document to an e-mail addressed to Send us the e-mail.

The application requires Microsoft Word or a up to date version of OpenOffice/LibreOffice to be installed on your computer. If the required software is not available, or for some other reason you cannot send us back the form by e-mail please contact out office – the application form will be sent to you via fax or regular mail.